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Industy News

The market of thermal conductive plastics has risen as the new favweite of LED h


Thermal plastic is used in LED lighting thermal parts which is gradually replacing metal components, including lamp-socket,cooling heat lamp cup and shell.Compared to the material of metal conductive plastic,thermal plastic with many features,such as lightweight, design flexibility and so on.

The rapid development of LED industry, greatly boosting the development of industry in advanced materials,and further promote breakthroughs in the field of advanced materials.LED Lighting make a lot use of plastic parts, including the packaging components in LED chips, LED optical lens, light scattering components, efficient cooling components, light reflection and light diffusion plate etc.

LED light that is a sustainable lighting, energy-saving reached 30% to 80% comparing to the fluorescent and incandescent lamps.Although energy-saving LED lights and a small amount of heat,its thermal component cooling performance of the pros and cons of life and energy efficiency of LED lights is critical. Therefore,some researchers using a thermally conductive filler to the polymer matrix material is uniformly filled, in order to improve its thermal ability,developed the thermal plastic which can transfer the heat effectively.

Compared to the materials of traditional metal,thermal plastic has many advantages,summed up are as follows:

1) heat evenly and avoided burning point, reducing local deformation caused by high temperature parts.

2) Light weight, 40% --50% lighter than aluminum.

3) Rapid prototyping , no secondary processing.

4) Product has more space to design

Adopting conductive plastic instead of metal,which can improve the flexibility of lighting design, reducing the total weight of the lamp. In addition,the application of conductive plastic can improve the efficiency of lighting,energy saving.With attached more attention from the departments of chinese government,and increased innovation in technological and more investment in specific materials, the materials of LED,especially plastic will have a very great prospect and much huge sapce to develop.

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