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Rechargeable led Table Lamp foldable color temperature changeable with touch dim

Rechargeable led Table Lamp foldable color temperature changeable with touch dim


Portable Adjustable Desk Lamps
Fashionable Style, Battery in-built
3 Color changeable,dimmable brightness
Eye-protection & Energy-saving

LED Desk Lamp  Feature :
Exclusive products
full of electricity for about 6 hours
1.This product is the built-in lithium battery , longlife, maintenance free capacity of up to 18000mAh.
2.Ultra long life battery , 800 times more than cyclic charge and discharge.
3.Strong or weak light.
4.The appearance of new products ,lamp can be folded ,which is convenient and flexible.
5.Using 21 energy saving ,high brightness , long life LED SMD.
6.Desk lamp portable mobile power charging treasure, you can charge directly to the phone.
7.Four battery indicator light and a button to see the remaining power at any time.
8.All of the USB D C Micro plug of the phone charger can charge it.
LED Desk Lamp USE Instructions:
When charging , insert the USB into the adapter or the computer , and then Micro The USB interface is connected with the lamp, 4 lights shining gradually, when the 4 instructions go round and begin again,The lamp is full of electricity.(full of ele ctricity for about 12 hours).
Mobile digital products charge by the power button for 3 seconds, the power indicator light, the number of According to the USB output interface can be used to use.(when the battery indicator light flashes, Battery is insufficient, please charge the battery in time).
To check the battery power ,please press the power button for 3 seconds to appear.A said there are 25% power, two said there are 50% of the power, the three said there are 75% power,four said there is a100% power consumption.
Temperature: -10-40 Centigrade
Humidity:   Less than   90%
Input charge voltage / current:  1.2A
Light source power: 6W

LED Desk Lamp Safety Matters:
Lights don`t shine in the eyes, so as not to affect your eyesight.
Do not allow the product to rain or moisture.
Please stay away from flammable and explosive goods every time you use it.


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